About Us



Milroy Farms was purchased by Mildred and Roy Blocher in 1942. The farm name originated from combining their first names. Much of the original 250 acre tract was covered with groves of maple trees and the farm included an operating sugar camp. Mildred brought knowledge of maple with her to this location. William Wagner, Mildred’s grandfather began producing maple syrup in the late 1800’s, making her a third generation producer. So maple became a part of the Blocher’s farm production.

The original sugar house was in use until 1955, when a new structure was built to accommodate a larger, more efficient processing system. In 1968, a kitchen and sales room was added to facilitate preparing and packaging the many maple products that are produced. Over the years both the sugar house and the kitchen have been upgraded, and the sugar house has been expanded to handle increased production. By the 1980’s the farm had enlarged to encompass approximately 450 acres.

Mildred and Roy’s grandson, Jason and wife Melissa along with a staff of family and friends now operates the farm, making the fifth generation to continue the tradition. Milroy Farms has made a specialty of producing 100% pure maple syrup and products for over seventy-five years.